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Types of Eels June 27, 2016

Eel refers to any fish that belongs to the order called the Anguilliformes, which comprises 4 suborders, with 20 families and 111 genera, encompassing around 800 species. However, the term “eel” is also interchangeably used for other fishes with similar features, such as the spiny eels and electric eels, which actually don’t belong to the…

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Is an Eel a Fish? June 20, 2016

Is an Eel a Fish? Eels are best known for their elongated shape that resembles that of a snake. Hence, there is a lot of question on people’s minds about which species the eels belong to: reptile or fish? This guide will provide you the information you need to know about eels and the various…

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Freshwater Eels June 13, 2016

Freshwater eels are the most familiar of eel, and they comprise of around 16 species. They have a pretty unusual characteristic scientifically known as catadromy, in which they live most of their lives in freshwater, but goes to saltwater to spawn. Though they can’t see well in murky waters, they have an incredible sense of…

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Peacock Eel June 6, 2016

Peacock Eels or scientifically called as Macrognathus siamensis, is one of the most common pet eels because of their attractive and spiny look. It is quite easy to understand why they’re called ‘peacock eel’, as the decorative ‘eye spots’ in their back are easy to notice. They can have three to six eye spots. There…

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Electric Eel June 2, 2016

Commonly found in the waters of South America, Electric Eels are world-famous for their incredible ability to generate electric shock to fend off or even kill both predators and its preys. They can generate up to 860 V for 2 milliseconds, comparable to a stun gun, capable of causing brief but painful numbing shock, even…

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