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Types of Freshwater Eels or Not?

The types of freshwater eels are known to be the important fish species, they are known to be as food in Belgium, France, Great Britain, as well as The Netherlands. The eels are one of the most known fish group that would sit with the seahorses and sharks as types of...

eels as pets, Blog, Eels As Pets

Eel Species

The moray eel belongs to eel family of the large eel species. They can be found in temperate and water waters all around the world. Although they have a snake-like appearance, these moray eels are also found with other eel species are fish, not reptiles. The Moray eel...

eels as pets, Blog, Eels As Pets

Eel Habitat of Moray Eels

The eel habitat of the famous Moray eels can be found on the marine. They are usually near the equator, in the most tropical region that is living by the coral reefs. They like to spend time among the small crevices and cracks between the rubble and corals. This would...

eels as pets, Blog, Eels As Pets

How Many Species of Eels Are There?

To fully know the answer to how many species of eels are there, we must discuss a lot of things. First, there are really little known facts about the reproduction of most of these fish as they are readily available to be bred in captivity. Two freshwater eels...

eels as pets, Blog, Eels As Pets

6 Electrifying Facts About Eels

If most of the things you know about electric eels are limited to what you have seen from the movies or cartoons, then you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, most people have so many misconceptions about this majestic sea creature. You may think those movies have...

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